We are a group of producers based in Sweden, creating free music for your online projects like videos, presentations and podcasts – our music is ready to use on YouTube! We are mainly focused on electronic music but cover quite a few different genres. 

Using our music

You are allowed to use our music, for your personal use, in videos you create and post to social media networks like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Please always credit us by simply providing a link to our website. A proper link would look like this:
Music by SoundSling – https://www.soundsling.com

If you do not want to credit us, use our music for your business, or need the music in higher quality than 128 kbps, please buy a copy of the song. A link to purchase is available on every individual song’s page.

If you want to use our music in more advanced projects like a podcast, a TV or radio show, film/commercials, games etc., or if you need tailor-made music for your projects, we are happy to help – fire an email our way and we will reply shortly.

The copyright to all music on SoundSling.com always remains with us, regardless of what you use it for or what type of license it is used under.

All the music on our website is performed and produced exclusively by us. You cannot state that you own our music, or that anyone else owns it, or that you or anyone else has the rights to use it, or that you composed it and/or performed it. You are not allowed to upload/make our music (as MP3 files) available somewhere else. You cannot resell our music in any form or redistribute it in any form aside from it being part of your production[s].

Purchasing songs 
On each song page, there is a link where you can buy a high quality MP3 file of the song. Making a purchase is easy – simply add one or more songs to your cart, sign in to your Paypal account, and pay by Paypal or with a standard credit card. When your transaction has been approved, you are presented with a download link. You will also receive an email (from Payhip.com) with download information. 

Enjoy the beats!

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