Trapped Outside - Royalty free trap music

Heavy beats! Will work great as a background palette for your video creations.

Want this song in 320 kbps high quality, or use it commercially without crediting us? Buy it here for just a few bucks, securely via PayHip!

Or, download the free 128 kbps version below for personal use!


You are free to use these songs for your personal, non-commercial use. Since we believe in being nice to each other, we would appreciate if you include a link to our website – “Music by” will do! If you have a personal, monetized channel on Youtube, you are allowed to use our music, but why not consider buying a copy? 🙂 If you want to use our music for your business, you must buy a high quality copy. Cool? If you buy a copy of a song, you do not have to credit us in your production/videos. 

All music on this website is exclusive to and owned by us, you may edit and use only parts of our music but you can not state that you own our music or re-sell them in any way.  More detailed information about usage can be found here!

In short, do not take our music and upload it to some other site as a new track. Do not sell our stuff.

– You can not use the free (non-paid) music without giving credits to us, with a link in the video description
– All music on this site is created by us – you can not claim ownership
– You can not sell our music anywhere

Shoot us an email or drop a comment below. If you are interested in getting our music in even higher quality or license them for more advanced use, please send us an email. We can also do custom music for your projects!

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